Superfeet Orange Insoles

The Problem

One issue you can face when running is arch pain, officially known as Plantar Fasciitis.  This pain can be caused by increasing running volume too quickly, running with improper form, or running without proper footware.  Could insoles fix the problem?

The Solution – Insoles!

Arch pain can be avoided in several ways.  The first is to slowly increase running volume, so make sure the feet have time to acclimate.  Going from a completely sedentary lifestyle to running miles and miles a day overnight is a recipe for foot pain, which defeats the purpose of starting to exercise.  The second is to ensure you’re running in proper form.  The best way to ensure you’re running correctly is to read various articles online on running forums.  Finally, buying a solid pair of insoles can help reduce foot pain while running significantly.

Superfeet Orange Insoles are a solid pair of that will get the job done.  Simply place them inside your running shoes.  They can even add comfort for normal hikes – try wearing them next time you go to Death Valley or Joshua Tree.

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