Sleeping Bags For Summer Weather

Summer nights are the best.  A great time to go explore with the family, under the nice summer breeze. It’s not cold, but it would be nice to have something to snuggle up in during those camping trips.  Is there a product that can bridge this gap?  There is!  That product is the Helio Sack Regular Sleeping Bag.

Open Sleeping Bag

The Helio Sack’s polyester insulation keeps you nice and cozy down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s a perfect addition to a nap in the summertime.  Use it while you’re sleeping in your tent – or even sleep outdoors under the stars!  No camping expedition is complete without it!

Sleeping Bag Features


The Heliosack has a special side zipper that you can put your arm through – added mobility with all the same comfort! No need to pull the sleeping bag down to your waist if you want to use your arms.  You can keep warm and read a book at the same time.  Or maybe play around with your phone in the few minutes before you go to sleep.

Side Zipper

You can open up the zipper all the way to make it a quilt – perfect for lining your tent during that weekend getaway.  Or use the quilt to lay back and relax on the ground during the middle of the day!


It’s light and compact! At only 1 pound  9 ounces and easily compressible, it’s hard to think of a more efficient way of carrying your bed with you! The sleeping bag easily fits inside a small case, with a mesh top which allows you to control how much space the enclosed bag takes up. You can easily fit the sleeping bag and its case inside of a hiking bag.  And at only $41.93, it’s affordable too!

Compact Sleeping Bag 1

Compact Sleeping Bag 2

People all over the country bring the Helio Sack every time they go camping.  No trip is complete without it.  I highly recommend it.   Get yours here today!

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