Scuba Diving Gear For the Beginner

For those of you living in coastal areas, or near lakes, scuba diving is an amazing hobby that’ll open you to a completely new world of adventure.  You can visit kelp forests, or swim above a coral reef, or explore shipwrecks.  Some of the gear (scuba tank, wetsuits, BCD, weights, etc) are better rented than bought, but there are some items that are better to have for your own.  The following are items you’ll need:

Scuba Diving Bag

To start out with, its important to have a solid diving bag.  Scuba gear is bulky.  If you’re going on an outing you can easily have eight or more pieces of equipment you’ll have to take with you.  With this in mind, having a water safe bag that can hold everything is important for any fun dive.

This Scuba Pro Mesh Sack is a solid, affordable scuba bag for your excursions.  The bag has a water-resistant area where you can put books and clothing.  Much of the bag is mesh, allowing your equipment to dry off in transit.  The bag is a little over two feet tall and sixteen inches in diameter, and is worn on the back like a duffel bag.

Diving Fins

When it comes to diving fins, its best to go for a large fin.  Go for a light colored fin so that you can easily find and pick it up if it falls off.  The Seac Propulsion S Fin is a solid pair.  Putting them on and off is easy – just put your foot in the back and pull the strap above your heel.

Your boots will have an indent on the heel over which you’ll place the strap.

Diving Boots and Diving Gloves

The Tilos Thermowall Semi-DryBoots are a solid pair of boots for diving.  The boots are black and 5 mm thick.  The soles have grips to allow you to be mobile, whether on land or on sea.

The heels contain a protrusion that holds your fins in place.

The Men’s Thermoflex Dive TDC Glove 3/2 DV18 diving gloves are a perfect complement to the diving boots.  The gloves are black and are sleek and fit perfect on your hands.


Again, lighter colors are better for snorkels, to make them easier to find if dropped.  The Scuba Pro Curve Snorkel is an excellent and affordable snorkel.  You can use these for scuba diving or for some old fashioned snorkeling.

Scuba Goggles

With Scuba Goggles color tends not to be as big of an issue.  When removing them from your eyes in the water you should pull them down to wear around your neck (not on your forehead).  This prevents the goggles from falling off of your person.  Sealite has excellent goggles.

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