Superfeet Orange Insoles

The Problem One issue you can face when running is arch pain, officially known as Plantar Fasciitis.  This pain can be caused by increasing running volume too quickly, running with improper form, or running without proper footware.  Could insoles fix the problem? The Solution – Insoles! Arch pain can be avoided in several ways.  The […]

Death Valley – The Hottest Place in the World!

If you’ve never been to death valley, you definitely need to visit.  This alien world of extremes will leave you with memories that will last a life time.  Where else can you find sand dunes, salt flats, and a golf course, all in the same place?  This guide will give you the basics to help […]

Scuba Diving Gear For the Beginner

For those of you living in coastal areas, or near lakes, scuba diving is an amazing hobby that’ll open you to a completely new world of adventure.  You can visit kelp forests, or swim above a coral reef, or explore shipwrecks.  Some of the gear (scuba tank, wetsuits, BCD, weights, etc) are better rented than […]

Joshua Tree National Park – Go on a Roadtrip!

For those of you living in Southern California, possibly the most well-known rock climbing location is Joshua Tree National Park.  The park is filled with granite boulders which also make excellent climbing holds.  Also, the landscape sprinkled with the namesake joshua tree makes this park an excellent location for leisurely hikes and relaxing camping. How […]

Climbing Essentials: Chalk and Chalk Bags

One problem that occurs when climbing is losing grip.  It can get hard to keep hold of grips, especially when your hands start to get slippery.  With that in mind, it’s standard practice to have chalk with you whenever you go climbing, whether its indoors or outdoors. White Gold Chalk and PrAna Chalk Bag are […]

Climbing Shoes

New to rock climbing? Want to take a foothold in this exciting sport but not sure where to start? The 5.10 Rogue is the perfect shoe for anyone trying to break into rock climbing. The rubber outsoles provide a great grip that lets your feet hold onto those holds. It’s design isn’t too aggressive, meaning […]

Sleeping Bags For Summer Weather

Summer nights are the best.  A great time to go explore with the family, under the nice summer breeze. It’s not cold, but it would be nice to have something to snuggle up in during those camping trips.  Is there a product that can bridge this gap?  There is!  That product is the Helio Sack […]

About SoCal Outdoor Life – What We’re All About

So what are we all about? Looking into taking a step into the outdoors?  Already an avid hiker?  Here you can look at various outdoors products,  since this will help you live an active lifestyle. Visit us on facebook! Please contact us at This blog is a personal blog. This blog accepts forms of […]

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