Fossil Falls – Frozen In Time

This little hidden gem is located right next to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. So what exactly is fossil falls? It looks just like its named – almost like a waterfall that froze and turned into stone. In reality the falls are made of volcanic rock – the area around fossil falls has a history of volcanic activity.

How To Get To Fossil Falls

Visitors from San Francisco and surrounding towns can take the 5 down to Bakersfield, then take route 58 to Mojave, then take route 14 up to the destination.  Visitors from Los Angeles can reach the area by driving through the valley and take route 14 through the Antelope Valley all the way up to the destination.  Those coming from San Diego can take routes 15 and 215 through Riverside and San Bernardino, followed by a drive through route 395.

Fossil Falls 1

What To Bring

Fossil Falls is more of a day-trip location.  Typically the best time to visit the area is on the way to or back from a trip to another location.  With that in mind, the best items to bring along are sunscreen, hiking shoes, and maybe a daypack and bladder.

Fossil Falls 2Activities


Fossil Falls is a short hike.  The best thing to do while you’re there are to walk around and take pictures with your friends and family.  You should be careful to avoid slipping on any of the rock in the area. Fossil Falls 3






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