Foam Roller, Jumprope, and Exercise Bands

Work Travel

Many people have to travel for a living.  Work travel can be fun – seeing cool new cities, visiting tourist spots, using that per diem money to eat out every night, and having a great time with your coworkers.  However, there are downsides to this constant travel.  Jet lag.  Sitting in cramped, pressurized airline cabins.  Long work days.  And let’s be honest – those daily dinners and nights out aren’t the healthiest thing in the world.  And finally, many hotels either have mediocre small gym rooms or no gyms at all.  It’s hard to exercise.  How do you keep healthy if business travel is a big part of your life?

The Problem

The answer is simple – you need to have the right fitness products with you to make every hotel room a personal gym.

There are a few workouts you can do with nothing more than maybe a towel.  Pushups, situps, jumping jacks, 10 count bodybuilders, and all sorts of calisthenics can be done with no equipment.  Calisthenics are great for building and maintaining muscular endurance.  However, some things just CAN’T be done with a couple of pushups.  There’s muscular strength for one.  You can’t get better at lifting HEAVY weights, building muscle mass, and overall becoming a classically strong person.  Another is cardio.  All the situps in the world won’t improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Exercise Bands

The answer to doing muscular strength exercises is simple – exercise bands.  Specifically, the Tribe 11PC Premium resistance bands will help you do many traditional strength exercises in the comfort of your hotel room.

Bands 2

There are five bands, varying in weight equivalency from 5 pounds to 35 pounds.  There are also five attachments you can use to attach to the bands and hold onto during exercises.  Finally, all of this fits inside a 8″ x 9″ mesh bag – easy to fit inside a gym bag!  Multiple bands can be connected to the same attachments to add extra resistance.  With all five bands attached, you’ll be lifting the equivalent of 105 pounds.

Bands 3

What kind of exercises can be done with these bands?  Do curls to build up your biceps.  Or band skull crushers to work your triceps. Build up your quads with band squats, work your hamstrings with band good mornings, do some hip extensions for your glutes, and do some resistance added calf raises.  Work your shoulders and traps with upright rows and shoulder presses.  Almost every muscle group can be worked in the convenience of your own hotel room!

Bands 1


There are several cardio exercises you can do in your hotel room.  Jumping Jacks.  Burpees.  10 count bodybuilders.  High knees.  But to take things to the next level, you need a jump rope.  And the Survival and Cross Jump Rope is perfect for a hotel room workout.  It fits easily in a gym bag.  It’s also affordable, at only $10 dollars.  Finally, it also has an adjustable length, meaning you can use the jumprope at a variable speed.  Choose between a leisurely jump or a rigourous heart pumping workout.  You can’t lose with the Survival and Cross Jump Rope!

Jump Rope

Foam Roller

Finally, after a long intense workout, you need to stretch and massage all the tightness and soreness out of your body.  This is where the Fit-Nation Foam Roller comes in.  Measuring only 13 inches long and 5.5 inches wide, the foam roller also fits perfectly in a gym bag.  After a long workout, it’s important to make sure you massage out all the kinks and knots in your body.  This will make your workout immensely more enjoyable.  The foam roller has the perfect texture to go deep in those rough spots.Foam Roller

Make Your Business Trips Killer Workout Sessions!

Don’t let business travel an unhealthy part of your life!  No longer a mix of bad food, jetlag, and sloth!  You can make every morning or every night an intense gym session, only a few feet away from your hotel bed.  No more excuses for staying in shape – make sure to buy the bands, the jump rope, and the foam roller today!



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