The Everest Gym Bag

As you get more and more involved in the world of fitness, you’ll have more and more gear you might need to carry with you to the climbing gym or your local fitness club.  Foam rollers to massage your back.  Towels for showering.  Maybe jump rope.  Keys.  Climbing shoes, chalk, and a chalk bag.  Water bottle.  Toiletries.  Maybe even some whey protein if you’re hardcore and like taking your protein at the gym.

Eventually, this is too much stuff to just carry around with you.  You need a solid gym bag to be your constant companion to all fitness locations.  The Everest Gym Bag is a perfect bag for these purposes!

Gym Bag 1

This bag is very affordable, at only $17.97.  It comes in five colors, including black, dark gray, navy, red, and royal blue.

The main compartment has a side compartment, where you can put your shoes, to keep the rest of your gear from getting dirty. On the front are two pockets, with an extra mesh pocket in front of each.  In between these two pockets is another pocket with an open top.  You will need a bag like this to take all your stuff to the gym, or on a hiking trip!  Get yours today!

Gym Bag 3

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