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New to rock climbing? Want to take a foothold in this exciting sport but not sure where to start? The 5.10 Rogue is the perfect shoe for anyone trying to break into rock climbing. The rubber outsoles provide a great grip that lets your feet hold onto those holds. It’s design isn’t too aggressive, meaning the shoe is perfect for newcomers to the sport. It comes in a cool, charcoal and blue design.  With an affordable starting price of $100.00, the 5.10 Rogue climbing shoes are the perfect launching point for a life in the world of climbing.

I would personally recommend this shoe to anyone starting out in the world of climbing.  Before investing too much into the sport, it would be smart to get a solid beginner’s pair of climbing shoes.  After buying your shoes, I would recommend getting a visitor’s pass to your local climbing gym to give them a go.  Do some of the V0 and V1 routes and see how well the shoes work.  See how well they grip on the holds.  Get yours here!

Make sure to put on the shoes without any socks.  They should fit snugly with nothing else on your feet.  Use the velco straps to easily adjust how tightly the shoes are held.

Next Steps

Once you become more and more involved in bouldering and top roping, you may want to consider investing in more aggressive climbing shoes.  However, until then the 5.10 is the way to go!  While you’re at it, also consider getting chalk and a chalk bag for your climbing adventures.

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