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Sequoia National Park and National Forest

Sequoia National Park and National Forest In the middle of California lie the largest living organisms in the world.  The Sequoia trees are massive, easily coming in at nine times the mass of a blue blue whale.  The two adjacent areas – Sequoia National Park and Sequoia National Forest – have amazing groves of sequoias […]

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest – Ancient Trees

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Nestled in Inyo National Forest in Eastern California is a grove of ancient trees which trace their foundations to the very origin of human history.  Here lie the oldest living organisms in the world, which have been living up to 5,000 years non-stop.  One of the oldest of these trees is […]

Fossil Falls – Frozen In Time

This little hidden gem is located right next to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. So what exactly is fossil falls? It looks just like its named – almost like a waterfall that froze and turned into stone. In reality the falls are made of volcanic rock – the area around fossil falls has a history of […]

Painted Canyon – An Amazing Hike Near Mecca CA

Near Palm Springs and the Salton Sea is a little hiking gym that will make your day.  The Painted Canyon hike will take you through amazing slot canyons, ladder climbs, and amazing vistas of the surrounding area! How To Get To Painted Canyon Painted Canyon is about 3 hours northeast of San Diego and 2.5 […]